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The children with 100% Attendance between September 2018 to July 2019 were:


Year 6:

Damian, Ryan M, Seth and Jedida

Year 5:

Stephen, Thomas, Maria, Brogan and Kameel

Year 4:

Kenisha, Lucy, Olivia and Sophie

Year 3:

Isiuwa, Jaylen, Brandon, Orraine and Dequandre

Year 2:

Sherria, Alarnei, Munashe and Bryan

Year 1:



The winners of the iPad were:      KS1 - Sherria

                                                         KS2 - Dequandre

Well done to all of the above children for their fantastic commitment this academic year!

Attendance Winners
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Dovecotes Reading Surgery

Do you have concerns or questions regarding your child's reading? If so, you may be interested in our 'Reading Surgery' with Mrs Garbett on Tuesday mornings.

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Terrific for Twos

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