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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are taught the National Curriculum, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art, P.E. and Religious Education. Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE and Citizenship) is also taught. Teaching methods include class, group and individual teaching.


Religious Education is taught to all children based on LA guidelines, which is broadly Christian in nature. Parents wishing to have their children excluded from Religious Education / Assemblies may contact the Headteacher to arrange this and discuss the alternative provision to be made.


Activities are planned to teach various skills, to help children to work independently and in co-operation with others. Each child is encouraged to develop the confidence to tackle more demanding work in the basic subjects and to investigate and find solutions to problems.


The school teaches English and Mathematics through National Literacy and Numeracy frameworks so that all children receive daily literacy and mathematics lessons.


All computers in the school have access to the Internet and are connected via the City of Wolverhampton Council Broadband.


The creative development of the children is very important and music, art and sport all play an important role in the curriculum, especially through 'Irresistible Learning,' which caters for these subjects through  the teaching of a themed topic. Physical skills are developed through various forms of indoor and outdoor PE and swimming for Years 5 and 6, and a co-operative attitude is fostered through opportunities to play team games.


To ensure a smooth transfer of our 11 year old children to their next school, we liase with neighbourhood secondary schools.

We have been recognised for our commitment to providing a high-quality music education with a Music Mark Certificate!

Please view our Curriculum Overviews for KS2 below: