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At Dovecotes Primary, Governors and staff believe that uniform is important. It gives the child a feeling of belonging to the school and pride in their appearance. 

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

To support families, school will stock second-hand uniforms. Our second-hand uniform shop offers parents the opportunity to receive good quality second hand uniform free of charge. We always aim to have a range of sizes suitable for nursery children up to year 6, however, stock is subject to availability as we rely on uniform being donated to us. All donated items are washed prior to being sold. 


If you would like to donate any good quality uniform, that doesn’t fit your child anymore, to restock our second-hand uniform supplies, please send this in to our school office where it will be gratefully received.  


If you would like to receive any second-hand uniform, please ask at the Main Reception or speak to Mrs Hehir. 

For general school wear:

  • Royal blue jumper/cardigan or royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan (Optional with the embroidered school logo)

  • Plain white school polo shirt  

  • Grey/ Black trousers (no leggings) 

  • Grey/ Black pinafore dress or skirt* 

  • Blue and White Check/ Stripe Dress 

  • Dark Grey or Black socks/ tights 

  • Black shoes – flat or small heel only – no trainers. 

*skirts should be an appropriate length and of a style which allows sitting comfortably on the floor.  

ALL UNIFORM AND BELONGINGS SHOULD BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE CHILD'S NAME.  School cannot be responsible for confusion over clothing if this is not the case.

For Physical Education: 

  • a plain white T-shirt and navy blue, royal blue or black shorts/jogging bottoms for P.E (no football kits or branded sportswear); 

  • plain black or white trainers for outdoor P.E lessons; 

  • black pumps for indoor P.E lessons;  

  • no jewellery (staff are not permitted to take out children’s earrings);  

  • a bobble to tie back hair that is shoulder length or below;  

  • for Swimming lessons, trunks that are above the knee/ one piece swimming costume and a cap for children with hair that is shoulder length or below.    


Jewellery, Make up, Nail Varnish

Jewellery is not part of the uniform and should not be worn to school. It is a safety hazard, especially at playtimes and in P.E. lessons. If parents insist that earrings are worn because of pierced ears, then these must be small studs and not of the looped or dropper type. Children will be asked to remove them for P.E. lessons. 

Make up, nail varnish or temporary tattoos should not be worn to school. 



We do not allow pupils to dye or bleach their hair colour. Both semi-permanent and permanent hair colour is not recommended for children of primary school age for safety reasons as hair is more sensitive, susceptible to damage and more likely to experience reactions. 

Our Uniform policy can be found on our Policies page.

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