Videos From The Staff
Message from Miss Beddow...
Well done everyone - parents/carers and children! You have all worked so hard and should be very proud of yourselves! 
Now have a well deserved break so we can get back to it Monday 22nd February!
Miss Booles - Nursery/Little Doves' half term message
Miss Cespedes - Reception's half term message
Miss Hickman - Year 1's half term message
Miss Reeves - Year 1/2's half term message
Mrs Jones - Year 2's half term message
Miss Davies - Year 3's half term message
Mrs Jones - Year 3/4's half term message
Miss Harris - Year 4's half term message
Mr Middleton- Year 5's half term message
Miss Turner - Year 5/6's half term message
Mrs Gould - Year 6's half term message
Welcome Videos - September 2020
Miss Beddow's message to you all
Miss Mears - Little Doves
Miss Booles - Nursery
Miss Hickman - Year 1
Mrs Jones - Year 2
Mrs Edmonds - Year 3/4
Mr Middleton - Year 5
Miss Cespedes - Reception
Miss Reeves - Year 1/2
Miss Davies - Year 3
Miss Harris - Year 4
Miss Turner - Year 5/6
Mrs Gould - Year 6

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