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Online Safety / Behaviours

Digital 5-a-Day

At Dovecotes, we aim to get our "Digital 5-a-day"...


Easy to follow, practical steps for children and parents to achieve a healthy and balanced digital diet. 

The digital 5 a day provides a simple framework that reflects the concerns of parents/ carers as well as children’s behaviours and needs. 

Can you get you make a positive difference online today? Here are the digital 5-a-day:


  1. Connect - can you connect digitally with others as well as face to face today?

  2. Be active - get active online! Do more positive actions!

  3. Get creative - how imaginative can you be using the internet to help?

  4. Give to others - can you help other people to use the internet safely and effectively?

  5. Be mindful - your mind is a wonderful thing - treat it kindly and find the balance.

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