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Parent Survey

Parent Survey - Your comments 


Autumn 2023 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Autumn Term Parent survey 2023. We appreciate and value all of your feedback, particularly your kind comments about the school and ideas regarding how we can improve Dovecotes further. We are delighted to share some of the highlights from the survey and the actions we are taking as a result of your feedback. 


What our parents say… 


  • 100% said their child is happy in our school. 

  • 96% said their child feels safe in our school. 

  • 92% said the school makes sure children are well behaved.  

  • 96% said that the school deals with concerns of bullying quickly and effectively.  

  • 96% said that they know the school’s core values. 

  • 96% said the school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year.  

  • 100% said when they have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly.  

  • 100% said my child has SEND, and the school gives him/her the support needed to succeed.  

  • 92% said the school has high expectations for my child and expects him/her to work hard.  

  • 100% said their child does well in our school. 

  • 100% said the school lets me know how my child is doing and there are regular opportunities to discuss my child’s progress.  

  • 92% said the school enriches my child’s life experiences with a good range of subjects and educational visits.  

  • 100% said my child has a love for reading and reads widely and often.  

  • 100% said they know how to help my child with their homework.  

  • 88% said my child knows who to speak to if they are upset or unhappy at school.  

  • 96% said the school teaches my child to have an interest in, and respect for, different people’s faiths, feelings and values.  

  • 84% said the school teaches my child how to lead a safe, physically and mentally healthy and active lifestyle (including how to stay safe online).  

  • 96% said my child is encouraged to have good attendance and punctuality.  

  • 92% said my child can take part in clubs and activities that develop his/her interests.  

  • 88% said the school supports my child’s wider personal development through its core values –  Be Ambitious, Be Kind, Be  Honest, Be Brave,  Be Creative, Be Healthy, Be YOU.  

  • 96% said the school is well led and managed.  

  • 92% said they would recommend Dovecotes to another parent.  


What do we do well. You said: 

  • ​ All staff are friendly, helpful and down-to-earth;

  • Dovecotes is a safe learning environment; 

  • Very approachable teachers and head teacher; 

  • Pushing children to do well in all areas; 

  • Always prompt to solve issues; 

  • Discipline and focus; 

  • Teachers develop creativity; 

  • Easy to speak to if any issues; 

  • Great education; 

  • Great teachers; 

  • Teaching Assistants who support children to thrive; 

  • Keeping us informed; 

  • Dealing with issues raised quickly;  

  • The school are very kind and compassionate; 

  • Communication; 

  • Team-work; 

  • Kindness; 

  • The school is so supportive of my child and wants her to succeed; 

  • Fair and equal school; 

  • Good atmosphere for children to learn; 

  • Ambitious. 


We are listening. Based on the results of the Survey, we will:  

  • Consider an app like Parent Pay to pay for trips and lunches as an alternative option to cash. 

  • We have already delivered workshops this year on our phonics programme but we will also look into more opportunities linked to Maths, English and the Arts, as well as providing opportunities for parents to come into school to read alongside their children. 

  • Sadly, at this moment in time we are unable to extend the timings of our after school club to 6 PM as we do not have the staffing capacity to support this. 


Finally, please remember you can always contact your child’s teacher or a member of the senior leadership team if you have anything you wish to discuss further.  

Miss Challenor and the Dovecotes staff team. 

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