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Subject Leaders

Mrs Jones

Hello! I’m Mrs Jones. As well as being the deputy head, I lead lots of different subjects in school and enjoy overseeing all subject areas within my role as Curriculum Lead for KS1 and 2.


I lead English, which covers our writing lessons and our reading lessons for everyone who has finished the Read Write Inc phonics programme. I love leading literacy – I don’t think there’s anything better than being able to immerse yourself in a great book or write an exciting story. I am a stickler for punctuation and grammar and love considering how to add detail and description to writing, using authors’ techniques to help.


I also lead Music, Languages and Art & Design. I love to hear about how many different languages are spoken by our pupils in school and how much children enjoy learning French in classes across Key Stage 2. Charanga, our music scheme, is brilliant and it is great to see children concentrating on learning new songs to sing and playing the glockenspiels and recorders! I also love how art allows our children to use their imagination to be creative which is one of our school’s core values.

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Mrs Gould

Hi! I’m Mrs Gould! I lead Key Stage 2 in school and am also the lead for Maths and Computing as well as being the Online Safety Lead.


I am passionate about Maths and keen for children to enjoy this core aspect of learning that is so essential to everyday life. Maths comes in to so much of what we do in our curriculum and, without this key knowledge, other areas of our learning would suffer.


Computing is also integral these days for our everyday life! We are able to do so much more now as a result of Computing. I make sure we have the right devices we need to learn the many different areas of Computing effectively, whilst also ensuring that pupils, staff and parents are aware of Online Safety and place pupils’ well-being and safeguarding first and foremost.

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Miss Booles

Hi! My name is Miss Booles and I lead Outdoor Learning across the school. I love being outdoors, no matter what the weather! Learning outdoors is so much fun and can help us to learn even better. It is also great for our mental health. I love learning about the different animals, birds and plants that I find on outdoor adventures, both at home and at school.


I also lead history and geography. I’m absolutely fascinated by places, maps and cultures from around the world. History compliments this, as understanding cultures and events from the past help us to understand places today.

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Miss Cespedes

Hi! I’m Miss Cespedes and I’m the lead for RE and PSHE. I enjoy being the RE lead because I like to learn about the diversity of people within our school, the local community and the wider world! It’s amazing finding out about different cultures, beliefs and different ways of life. It helps us to respect each other and celebrate together. I also enjoy leading our PSHE Jigsaw programme. This supports all of us to develop our emotional and social well-being and life-long skills we need in every aspect of our future. We can become the best versions of ourselves! “Spread your wings, learn new things, fly as high as you can!”

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Mrs Edmonds

Hi! I’m Mrs Edmonds and I lead Design and Technology. I believe that everyone has ideas that can lead to a great invention! As Albert Einstein said: ‘Imagination will take you everywhere’. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your new creations as you journey through the school!

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Mr Middleton

Hi everyone! I am Mr Middleton and I have the pleasure of leading science at Dovecotes. I am really interested in all aspects of science but especially in making sure we all have the knowledge and skills we need to be really good scientists. You’ll see me around school and I will be looking out for those “Science Ninja” stickers – I’ll ask you how you got them and what you have learned.

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Mrs Batchelor

I’m Mrs Batchelor and I lead early reading in school. This makes me happy every day because reading makes up part of my every day! Without reading, I couldn’t fill my mind with all the wonderful facts, thoughts and vocabulary I’m so lucky to have. I love to read, listen to children read and read with them. I want to help everyone to be confident to read and to encourage a love of reading for the whole school, in and out of the building, including in our reading escape time. Happy reading everyone!

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Miss Reeves

My name is Miss Reeves and I lead the Early Years Unit. I love leading and teaching in the early years when the children have just begun their school journey. The children from Little Doves to Reception learn so much in such a short space of time and I feel privileged to be a part of this.


I also lead PE. I love all sports but my favourite one is judo! This year, I am excited to see you play new sports, attend clubs and have-a-go in matches or competitions.

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