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Cultural Capital

Building Cultural Capital 


At Dovecotes Primary School our aim is to ensure that, by the time our pupils leave us in Year 6, we have equipped them with a range of skills and essential knowledge to be successful in life. This is known as cultural capital. 


Cultural capital accumulates over time through many different experiences and opportunities, for example being able to perform well in school, knowing how to talk in different social groups, accessibility to higher education and being successful in work or a career. 


We have created a list of 120 things to do before our Dovecotes’ pupils leave us which will build cultural capital by enriching their knowledge and understanding.  


120 Things to do before you leave Dovecotes Primary School 


Early Years 

  1. Make a den 

  2. Use nature to create an art masterpiece 

  3. Dress up as someone else 

  4. Go on a treasure hunt 

  5. Splash in puddles and get wet in the rain 

  6. Make a tree rubbing 

  7. Balance along stepping stones 

  8. Spot pictures in the clouds 

  9. Play in an adventure playground 

  10. Visit a farm and feed a duck 

  11. Take part in an obstacle course 

  12. Wear a crown 

  13. Do a barefoot outdoor walk 

  14. Learn a song by heart 

  15. Make potions using natural materials 

  16. Handle creepy crawlies 

  17. Observe the lifecycle of a butterfly 

  18. Have a paddling pool party 

  19. Try food from different cultures 

  20. Learn how to cross the road 

  21. Have a teddy bears’ picnic 

  22. Learn 10 Nursery rhymes 

  23. Make an instrument 

  24. Take part in an Easter Bonnet Parade 

  25. Make a mud pie 

  26. Flip a pancake 

  27. Visit Father Christmas in his grotto 

  28. Catch a snowflake on my tongue and make a snow angel 

  29. Visit an elderly people’s home 

  30. Watch a chick hatch 


Key Stage 1 

  1. Perform in a school play 

  2. Take part in a fundraising activity 

  3. Pond dip and find a creature 

  4. Take part in a blindfold trail 

  5. Complete an adventure rope course 

  6. Eat a roast dinner 

  7. Pet a small animal 

  8. Plant a seed and watch it grow 

  9. Stay away from my family overnight 

  10. Visit a fire station 

  11. Climb a tree 

  12. Make a daisy chain and give it as a friendship bracelet 

  13. Star gaze 

  14. Experience a 4D cinema 

  15. Observe a sea creature and sketch it 

  16. Visit a library 

  17. Watch a shark swim over my head. 

  18. Hold a starfish 

  19. Go on an insect hunt 

  20. Say hello in a foreign language 

  21. Make and float a boat 

  22. Recite a poem 

  23. Make a healthy sandwich 

  24. Listen to classical music 

  25. Watch a pantomime 

  26. Build a bug hotel 

  27. Take part in a canal walk 

  28. Visit a city centre 

  29. Hold a baby chick 

  30. Go to a disco 

Lower Key Stage 2 

  1. Take part in an unusual sport 

  2. Go on public transport 

  3. Lead on a charity event 

  4. Stay away from my family for a mini holiday 

  5. Splash around in a swimming pool 

  6. Train as a Junior Police Community Support Officer 

  7. Perform in a school assembly 

  8. Go orienteering in a forest and use a compass/map 

  9. Mentor and teach someone else a new skill 

  10. Experience a place of worship 

  11. Learn to ride a bike 

  12.  Take part in a debate 

  13. Learn to play a stringed instrument 

  14. Make an animated short film 

  15. Bird watch 

  16. Make paper 

  17. Compose a piece of music 

  18. Vote on issues relating to school 

  19. Litter pick in the local community 

  20. Learn sign language 

  21. Plan and prepare a healthy meal 

  22. Take part in a singing event as part of a choir 

  23. Visit a planetarium 

  24. Build a rocket at the Space Museum 

  25. Take part in a drama workshop 

  26. Eat marshmallows around a camp fire 

  27. Visit an owl sanctuary 

  28. Take part in a dance workshop 

  29. Learn to play an African drum 

  30. Play a board game 


Upper Key Stage 2 

  1. Make and taste test chocolate 

  2. Have a water fight 

  3. Ride on a tram 

  4. Visit a castle 

  5. Take part in a careers morning 

  6. Mentor a younger pupil 

  7. ‘Cook’ a meal 

  8. Skim a pebble 

  9. Go crabbing 

  10. Learn to swim 

  11. Help to make a campfire 

  12. Learn first aid and/or CPR 

  13. Learn to sew 

  14. Lead an assembly with a small group of others 

  15. Paddle in the sea and jump a wave 

  16. Create a sandcastle model 

  17. Make bread 

  18. Eat an ice cream without licking my lips 

  19. Eat something you have grown 

  20. Read to younger children 

  21. Compete as part of a team in a sporting event 

  22. Hold a leadership position in school 

  23. Participate in a conversation in another language 

  24. Experience an air raid 

  25. Sit inside an RAF plane 

  26. Ride on a Ferris Wheel 

  27. Play games on a seaside pier 

  28. Play archery 

  29. Look after and care for a baby chick 

  30. Shoot down a really big slide 

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