Our Aims
Statutory Duties and Guidance
  • Follow all statutory guidance in the SEN Code of Practice and the DRC Code of Practice for Schools. 

  • Work to meet the CRE standards. 

  • Work to ensure that sex discrimination and stereo typicality is eliminated from attached activities. 

  • Follow all procedures established by the LEA for all identification and assessment of individual pupils learning needs and ensure appropriate provision to meet those needs.

Setting Suitable Learning Challenges
  • Ensure a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils including the national curriculum and religious education. 

  • Use flexible approaches to ensure that the programme for each pupil is relevant to and meets the individual needs. 

  • Ensure that pupils particular gifts and talents are recognised and supported through extending the breadth of curriculum experiences offered and enhancing learning opportunities for all. 

Responding to Pupils' Diverse Learning Needs
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities under the legislation covering race, gender and disability. 

  • Ensure all staff have high expectations of all pupils 

  • Ensure that teachers plan lessons to enable all to take part fully and effectively. 

  • All teachers will:

    • Create effective learning environments

    • Work to secure the motivation and concentration of pupils

    • Provide equality of opportunity through appropriate teaching approaches

    • Assess and use pupils preferred learning styles

    • Use an appropriate range of assessment approaches

    • Set individual targets for pupils' learning

    • Overcoming Potential Barriers to Learning and Assessment